Throwback to this video from 2015. How quickly time flies!

Let’s start with a throwback!

This video was shot in and near my apartment in Downtown Toronto during my first recording trip with George. That week would start our annual Thanksgiving tradition of taking the entire week off to make music.

We actually shot most of the video before we recorded the song, which is a little unusual. The videographer had me play the song and sing while he shot me. Then, for the lip-syncing part, he had me sing to a recording of what I just did. He then mixed in live shots of us recording the song in the studio as well.

BTW… lip-syncing is the weirdest feeling. It’s so much easier to actually sing than to just pretend to sing in my opinion. I did not enjoy that part of the shoot.

That particular week was rather blustery. The two days of the shoot were “not bad” by Toronto standards but cold for the California-spoilt. Given the song is very somber, I was hoping for some snow, or at least naked trees and dead-looking shrubbery. Unfortunately, I only got one shot of snowfall (flurries really) in an otherwise very green park. The weather was otherwise just cold, cloudy, rainy. Toronto fall a.k.a colder than winter in California. I remember watching the first cut of this video and thinking to myself:

“Was the grass really that green? That looks like spring! It doesn’t look as cold as it feels! I look ridiculous wearing a winter coat in this scene!”

Also not seen in the video: my completely numb fingers while shooting on the pier šŸ™‚

Once the video was shot, George joined me for rehearsals and a full day in the studio. We recorded 13 song demos in 10 hours. Then we went outside and guess what? Everything was covered in a sparkling white blanket of mischievous snow! Ugh.

I miss TO, but I don’t miss the cold!

Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed my warm tea after the shoot.

PS: Artwork is an acrylic painting by yours truly.
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