10 Things to do to make the most of a sync.

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Congratulations! You just got a sync. Now what? How do you make the most of this exposure? Someone asked this question on Facebook and sparked my ideas for this post. Here they are:

  1. Release the song on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Make sure it distributes to Shazam.
  2. Post the song and lyrics to your website so that fans searching for it will find you.
  3. Tag the show/movie/brand/network in your social posts .
  4. Make a lyric video and upload to your YouTube and website.
  5. Find blogs and podcasts that are all about that show/movie and reach out to them. Maybe they can feature your song at the end of the episode and/or link to your Spotify/YouTube.
  6. Add it on Tunefind.com if it’s a TV show/movie.
  7. Run a campaign promoting your mailing list: get the song free if they sign up.
  8. Run a facebook campaign targeting fans of the show/movie.
  9. Create a Google alert for the show/movie/brand + your song title or most memorable/featured lyrics.
  10. From the Google alerts, find any content on YouTube or other places mentioning the episode/movie/ad and comment with a link back to your music.

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