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IMDBPro Research what supervisors are working on. Not always up-to-date.
TuneFind – Research songs that appeared in TV shows and films. Research songs that appeared in major ad campaigns.


Catalog management

DISCO – Catalog management & pitching.
AirtableSpreadsheets on steroids. Not quite as flexible as an old-school relational database but quite powerful.

Backup & cross-device sync

Dropbox – Cross-device sync + backup recent files for quick access.
BackBlaze – Online backup of all my system files, including my backup drive. If my drive fails, they’ll send me a drive with all my files intact. Totally worth it for less than $10/mo.

I also use TimeMachine on Mac. For more info about how to set up your multi-layer backup system, read: Wrap your head around backups – musician edition.

accounting & taxes

TurboTaxTax software, integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks
QuickbooksAccounting software. Automatically track your business mileage, receipts & more. 


MailButler – Email templates, link tracking & more.
HarvestApp Tracking your time if you do contract work.


Canva – Create artwork.
Bandzoogle – Website creation tailored to music artists. I use it for
MailchimpEmail marketing tool with a reasonably powerful free tier.
bit.lyLink shortening & tracking.
odesli.coLink to song/album on all available streaming platforms/online stores 


Shortcuts to Great Song Lyrics (self-paced)” by Robin Frederick.
Robin’s course is hands-down the best lyric course. In addition to being a true music industry veteran, she’s articulate, to the point, practical, analytical, up-to-date, and passionate about helping you develop your lyrical artistryFor only $95, you even get access to her office hours where you can get your song reviewed. It’s the biggest bang for your buck you’ll ever get.



SoundGym.coEar training game. Think of it as DuoLingo for mixers.


Mixing Secrets Multitrack Library from Mike Senior/ Cambridge Music & Technology. – Watch how the top engineers and producers do their thing. You also get to download some of the stems and remix them for a contest! Winners get cool plugins. Some free material available


Mixing with the Masters – Seminars, tutorials and interviews with the industry greats.
Pensado’s Place – All things audio + interviews with industry greats.
Musician on a Mission – Concise and well-produced short tutorials on mixing, mostly in Logic.
Make Pop Music – Mostly indie/pop production.
Andrew Huang – Production in various genres.
Yuri Wong – Recreating songs/scores using only stock Logic sounds.
Produce Like a Pro – Production, gear, mixing, interviews & more
Produce Like a Boss Production for the total beginner.
Aubrey Whitfield – Some mix/production tutorials, but also has her music.

Logic Pro HelpFree tutorials on how to use Logic Pro X. They also have paid courses.

Home Studio University” by Musician on a Mission
I learned a good chunk of the mixing foundations by going through this course and receiving monthly feedback on my mixes. Material is concise, well organized and well produced. There’s also a private FB group with a very supportive community. When I joined I was one of a few women. Now there’s quite a few more and that’s super cool. Free tutorials on their YouTube channel below.



Mixing Secrets” by Mike Senior
Excellent book explaining the fundamentals one needs to know to start mixing.


“Shortcuts to Songwriting for Film & TV” by Robin Frederick
This is by far my favorite because it is most relevant to my goal, concisely written, up-to-date, and simply full of great techniques. I have the this one the most for my exercises. Robin recently updated the book and split it into 3 volumes, Level 1Level 2 and Level 3. I have a slightly older edition that’s just one book.

Song Starters – 365 Lyric, Melody & Chord Ideas” by Robin Frederick
Short prompts to jumpstart your songwriting session. Great to have on an uninspired day.

Writing Better Lyrics” by Pat Pattison
An industry classic. A bit more on the academic side, and not as nuanced when it comes to the particular purpose of the song. It’s about the craft in a vacuum, unburdened by industry needs or trends. In-depth exercises with various songwriting tools and techniques. Very meta. 

Songwriting Without Boundaries” by Pat Pattison
In-depth exploration of metaphors, object writing, meter and rhyme. Definitely worth going through. Again, very meta. 


The Plain & Simple Guide to Music Publishing” by Randall D. Vixen
How to Make It in the New Music Business” by Ari Herstand
Break the Business” by Ryan Kairalla
Crowdstart: The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful & Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign” by Ariel Hyatt


The Song Machine” – John Seabrook
The Art of Asking” – Amanda Palmer
Tribes” – Seth Godin
The Practice: Shipping Creative Work” – Seth Godin


Water & Music by Cherie Hu – Trends in music & technology.
Pop of Colour by Clarence Charron – Branding & general business tips for musicians.
Smart Musician Guide by me – Tips for taking care of business as a musician.
More coming soon… If you have a blog that would be useful to add here, please contact me.