About me

I am a vocalist, songwriter, and budding producer with an entrepreneurial streak. I enjoy collaborating with other musicians on their projects. I also love to geek out on the music business, production techniques and travel tips.

Before becoming a full-time musician, I majored in computer science and worked as a data scientist in Silicon Valley. Quirky, nerdy, resourceful.


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If you’re a songwriter looking for a vocalist to bring your song to life, I might be able to help! First, take a look at the samples and make sure I’m the right voice for your project:

If you feel my voice would work well with your song, I’d love to work with you!

Just make sure of the following:

  • Your song is complete. Your lyrics and melody are final.
  • You have a demo of you singing the melody and lyrics so I know what to do.
  • You have the instrumental track already produced (unless you want me to produce it).

My rate starts at $150 for a lead vocal. See my Fiverr profile for more detail.