Speaking up against systemic racism… with our wallets.

I tend to keep my political opinions to my Medium blog, which is where I wrote a more general piece about a few ways we (non-black people) can be better allies.

Here, I tend to focus on music posts, which is what this is. Silence is not an option. So, this post is specifically for the music community. This post is for musicians and creatives who want to stand up against racism, not just today, not just when hashtags are trending, but in everyday life from here on out.

I am currently going through my “promotions” email folder and looking at every marketing email I’ve received in the last few days. Those who are acting like it’s business as usual and everything’s right with the world are not deserving of my email address, my attention, or my money.

I’ve also scoured the Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn feeds of virtually all the companies I currently use and made note of whether they are supporting the cause or not. You can see my notes in the spreadsheet linked below.

Unfortunately, quite a few companies have not made an official commitment to stand up against systemic discrimination yet.

Every individual and company, large or small, can have an impact if desired. It’s a matter of choice. As customers/partners we can encourage them to speak up or condone their silence/inaction/empty black squares.

I encourage you to send them a letter and tell them their customers would like them to do more. I even have a template letter for you to use.

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If you would like to join me in encouraging your favorite businesses to support our fellow Americans’ plea for the same basic human rights everyone should be entitled to, you can find my template letter here.

I would like to share again the list of resources that WordPress has put together. It includes best places to listen, learn, donate, sign, speak up, and take action.

Edit 6/13/20: here are some resources to educate ourselves on systemic racism and how to be anti-racist.

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