I offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? I can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our fees. Get in touch below.


If you’re looking for smooth female vocals that sound contemporary, let’s talk! I also provide harmonies, comping, tuning as part of the service.


You’ve started producing but your mixes aren’t quite there yet? Or maybe you just don’t enjoy mixing. Either way, I’m happy to help. After singing, mixing is my favorite thing to do!


Listen to my songs and decide if I am the right producer for you. While I produce other genres too, I mostly enjoy producing unique holiday / singer-songwriter / acoustic / quirky / adult contemporary / jazzy / indie pop songs.

Let’s make some sweet sounds together.

Sherry-Lynn Lee, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter
Services include:
– Production
– Mixing
– Vocal tuning
– Vocal Comping
– Time Alignment
– Other Editing
– Session Vocals (includes background vocals)


“I am super impressed by what I have heard from Sherry-Lynn.
She has a great sense for pop writing and production”

Ronan Chris Murphy
Producer-Engineer (King Crimson, GWAR, Ulver, Mafia III)

“I highly recommend Sherry. She’s professional and friendly, and her vocal work is superb. She captured perfectly the feel of my song. Every time I listen to the song I marvel at how subtle her voice is on this track yet conveys warmth and tons of personality! She nailed it”!

Bev Niven

“Sherry is a very versatile and talented songwriter and vocalist. Her creative abilities open up the collaborative process so smoothly and we are always productive when working together. The ability to carefully track and edit within her DAW makes her a triple threat!”

John Navarrette

“I’ve worked with Sherry on multiple projects, and am really looking forward to working with her again. Right away, I noticed her highly professional vocal expressiveness and songwriting skills. Very solid ability to create a broad range of moods with lyrics, top line, arranging and of course the confidence in storytelling that she delivers with her voice.

Sherry is a real perfectionist like me, and put lot of care & attention for all vital areas in vocal performances, songwriting, arranging and music production. Beneath the surface also exists a great sense of humor, as seen in her blog, but also with a great level of honesty and in-depth feedback during project communications. I can truly recommend Sherry to work with you on your next pro song project!

Fredrik Park,
Awards-winning Composer & Music Producer
Founder & Owner of Perceptive Music Productions Sweden